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There are barbecue joints, and then there’s Mac’s Speed Shop. We’ve blended BBQ, beer and bikes to create a truly unique experience.

First, Mac’s takes BBQ to a much higher level. We’re serious about it. We enter competitions, and we win awards. Whether you’re a BBQ aficionado or just hungry, we want Mac’s to be memorable. So our passion doesn’t stop with barbecue. We’ve used our culinary talent to elevate comfort-food favorites, like mac ‘n’ cheese and baked beans. We’ve created signature salads and even introduced a new food category called Mexicue. And, of course, our selection of more than 300 different beers is an experience unto itself. Whether you’re riding a Harley or driving a minivan, you’ll feel right at home here. Everyone (white collar, blue collar or no collar) is welcome at Mac’s. We don’t simply want to attract customers; we want to create fans.



Best Ribs in Charlotte



Kevin Kuruc is an award-winning Executive Chef for Mac’s Hospitality Group. A passionate pitmaster with a background in various cuisines and culinary styles, he brings his expertise and excellence to Mac’s, with an eclectic take on the traditional.

In 2009, Kuruc joined the Mac’s Hospitality family, starting at Mac’s Speed Shop. It was there he fell in love with barbeque, and became immersed in the art and technique that it requires. His talent and passion translates to the pit, with Mac’s placing in the top five twice at the World Championship of Barbecue, most recently earning 2nd Place in the Whole Hog category.

Kuruc now proudly oversees eight locations of Mac’s Speed Shop, as well as, Charlotte – based Red Star Catering and Sothern California inspired Mexican restaurant, SouthBound. He has been featured on outlets including ESPN, Golf Channel and various NC regional broadcast affiliates and print publications.

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